Apply for the Crest Scholarship

Crest Application


Tell us about your educational history—and your aspirations for PT school.

Essays and Supporting Documentation

Are you submitting some of your documentation via mail or email? If so, upload a filler file stating where we can find your documents (e.g., a PDF that says "Professor X is emailing my letter of recommendation to [email protected]").

Short Essay Questions

We want to understand what makes you, well, you! To help us get to know you better, please answer all three of the following questions about your drive and world perspective. Limit each answer to 500 words and submit all three essays as one PDF file.

  1. Discuss a significant experience or encounter that solidified your commitment to becoming a physical therapist.
  2. Reflect about a mentor or role model who influenced your journey in physical therapy. How has their support impacted your aspirations and goals?
  3. In what ways do you envision leveraging your cultural background and personal experiences to contribute to the field of physical therapy and address healthcare disparities in underrepresented communities?

Official Transcript

Upload the official transcript of your most-recent schooling (e.g., undergraduate school or a PTA program) here. If you have already started your first or second year of DPT school, you may use these transcripts instead. 

Acceptance Letter

Upload the acceptance letter from the accredited PT school or PTA bridge program you plan to attend (or are currently attending) here.

Letters of Recommendation

Please attach two letters of recommendation below. Ensure the letters were written by a previous (or current) teacher, professor, coach, mentor, or industry professional (no family members will be accepted) and that your recommenders answer the following questions:

  • How do you know the scholarship applicant?
  • What qualities do you see in this individual?
  • Why do you feel this individual should receive this scholarship? 

Letters of recommendation may also be sent directly to [email protected]. Please make sure that your name is placed in the subject line of the email.