Ready to make some waves?

Your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to empower future physical therapists.

Are you up for the challenge?

Rizing Tide is always on the hunt for volunteers!

Whether you're interested in speaking, mentoring, or playing to your strengths and contributing in another way, we'd love to tap your expertise! Our scholars are actively looking to connect with trailblazers—so submit a volunteer form today!

Elisha Li, Wash U in St. Louis

"I'm excited to be part of such a strong and diverse community; it's really important. And there's so many mentors and trailblazers in the PT field that are involved in the foundation, so that's really exciting. I'm excited to see where those relationships can take me."

Ricky Locci, Northwestern University

"I was really inspired by the different careers that the mentors had in this program. I think that gave me a really great perspective of what this career could be...I was really appreciative of being exposed to so many successful professionals that had done such diverse things."

Nanami Mano, DPT, UPMC Geriatric Physical Therapy Residency Program

"There are not enough geriatric specialists out there...So that was my main factor I wanted—the structured one-on-one direct mentorship right after PT school. So I can be better at what I can do and help me grow early on in my career."

Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities

Supporting DPT students takes a lot of people power—and Rizing Tide's need for volunteers will continue to grow as we help more student DPTs each year. In other words, we'd love all the help you're willing to give! Do any of the following volunteer opportunities fall within your wheelhouse?

(If not, no worries. There are plenty of other ways to contribute to the cause!)


Share your knowledge with Rizing Tide scholars at our annual in-person North Star Summit in Phoenix, Arizona, or at a quarterly virtual Sandbar Meetup.


Take these scholars under your wing. Answer questions, offer advice, assist with networking, and guide them toward professional success.


Work with Rizing Tide's resident writer either solo or with Heidi Jannenga (Rizing Tide's kick-butt founder) to share your thought leadership on our blog and with the world.


Team up with Rizing Tide founder, Heidi Jannenga, to create and present a DEI-focused presentation at an event or conference.


Join the Rizing Tide team at conferences like CSM and promote the foundation with students, practice owners, and DPT program coordinators.